Watermelon Pinata


Hi! This is a watermelon piñata that I found on Little Miss Craft’s website. Please let me know what you think!

You will need…
Cardboard (I’ve just broken down an old box), crepe paper (dark pink, light pink, green and black), scissors, paper tape, ribbon, stanley knife, craft glue or a glue stick, string, ruler, pencil, paint brush, ribbon


Step 1. Cut your two watermelon wedge shapes out of cardboard – approx 46cm on a 60-degree angle.



Step 2. Cut two long strips of cardboard that are the length of your watermelon – approx 13cm(w) x 46cm(l). Use paper tape to attach these to your wedge shapes. Wet the tape to make sure it sticks well.


Step 3. Use string to work out the length of the curved edge and measure with a ruler. Cut another strip of card 13cm(w) by the length of the piece of string – mine is 13cm(w) x 47cm(l). Bend this piece of card around the curved edge and tape in place using the paper tape.


Step 4. Now it’s time to make the flap opening for your treats! Measure a flap approx 9cm(w) x 10cm(l) on one of the side pieces. Cut with a stanley knife and make sure you only cut the sides and bottom so that the top acts like a hinge.


Step 5. Decorating time!! Cut your crepe paper into 4cm strips and snip into them to create a fringe. Paste the crepe paper onto your watermelon shape using craft glue. Start from the bottom and work your way up, overlapping the fringe to cover all the cardboard. Next, cut small seed shapes out of black crepe paper and glue on randomly – make your seeds any size you like.
Tip: I’ve used both light and dark pink crepe paper to create an ombre effect.


Step 6. Lightly score your flap opening again so that it opens easily with the crepe paper on. Finally, pierce a small hole in the top centre, thread through ribbon and loop into place to create a handle. Depending on where you’ll be hanging your piñata from, you can make this any length you wish.

Step 7. Now for the best part… Fill your watermelon piñata with your favourite treats!!



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