Hi everyone! I’m Alicia from Craftilicious and I am very new to blogging so today I’m just going to be saying what I going to do with this blog. Let’s get started.

I’m a crafty person (if you haven’t already noticed) and I’ve been on the internet looking for good crafty blogs and art, so I would like to use this blog to share my findings with you!

I also would like to introduce a few rules (that probably won’t affect you) to make your visit at Craftilicious a fun and safe visit (fingers crossed that I’m not sounding too bossy) so here are the rules:
1.For the comments, no swearing or inappropriate language is to be used,(constructive criticism is welcome)Any comment not related to the blog will be deleted.
2.NO cyber bullying

So next thing, I would like you to email your art and pictures to the email aweofficialhq@gmail.com for the chance for it to be posted monthly in this blog. Thank you!

Alicia xoxo